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This would be the last post in this series. After this, I’ll be moving on to other topics.


In the previous post, I told that all ‘memorified’ objects and entities should be discarded from one’s life.

Now, after you begin getting rid of all the negative refuse in your life, you’ll be left with a sense of being unburdened of all the past pains and miseries. You’ll feel like you might just be able to catch that breath of fresh air and happiness for the first time in your life.

However, that might not always be the case.

As surprising as it maybe, there is ONE MORE THING that you’ll might need to do to add some finishing touches, before you can finally scream,

“I’m FREE!!!”

And that can be summed up with one simple word: REPLACEMENT.


Replacement is absolutely necessary in some cases after you get rid of excess baggage.

This is because when you get rid of the baggage, you’ll often be throwing away some good memories too or perhaps you would have grown emotionally attached to it.

In general, the purpose of replacement is to ensure that there is no EMOTIONAL void left behind because of trashing your old belongings and what not.


If you want an example…

Let’s say that you had an amazing relationship with a girl/guy for a while but it fell apart for whatever reason. The odds are that you’ll find yourself feeling sick to your stomach for a long time.

However, the moment you end up with someone new in your life and start to feel a sense of belonging and connection to that person, you’ll find that you will crave for your ex a lot less.

In fact, the best cure after a painful breakup would be to simple date another person! It gets your mind off the other person and at the same time kills depression and loneliness. You’ll still feel the sting of the past a little here and there but it would be greatly diminished. Then again, if you are somewhat emotionally hardened, it will become non-existent!

Of course, this is just an example. There are plenty of examples extending to both living and non-living entities.


What I would suggest is to take an inventory of everything that you would like to get rid of and think about how you would feel when you DO get rid of it. If it turns out that you have an attachment to them in a positive sense, find out what you can do to replace them BEFORE you get rid of them.

In fact, you could even GET that replacement and THEN throw out the baggage. That way, you’ll end up spending all your emotional energy on the new instead of the old.


Just remember this…

Replacing things isn’t always necessary.

The only reason that I mention this is to fill the void that might be left behind.

Replace them ONLY IF there might be some kind of an emotional void left; otherwise don’t bother about it.


So there you have it!

I have laid out everything that you’ll need to create a new beginning.

So now,






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