How To Deal With Fear In Life – Part II


CONTINUED FROM ‘How To Deal With Fear In Life – Part I


While this post seems like a continuation of the previous post, it isn’t. It’s more of an add-on and that’s it.

I know that it sounds very vague. Just continue reading.

You’ll soon find out what I mean.


In the previous article, I talked about fear and how you should deal with it in life.

Here, I’ll teach you a technique that you can use to PERMANENTLY destroy your fear in life…well, almost!

Having said that, this article isn’t in contradiction with what I told you before. EVERYTHING that I told you in the previous post holds true.

The only catch about this little strategy is that it can only be used in SOME situations; situations that you encounter EVERYDAY.


If you are still a little confused, I’ll give you a few examples…

This will work very well if you are dealing with fears of:

  • Meeting people
  • Talking to members of the opposite sex
  • Meeting clients
  • Interacting with strangers
  • Bugs, Rats, Birds…and pretty much any living thing that scares the hell out of you…
  • Well, you get the idea…

This will NOT work if you are in situations like:

  • Getting kidnapped
  • Getting mugged
  • Being in a plane that is falling out of the sky
  • Getting chased by wild animals because your car broke down in the middle of a jungle
  • Being stuck in a bank that is getting robbed by bad guys

I think that you get the idea again…

This article is, like I said, AN ADD-ON.

It’s only useful for those situations that you deal with on a regular basis.



So without further adieu and delays, here’s the ‘technique’ that I talked about.

The best way to deal with fears that you encounter on a regular basis is this…A magical word called…


There is a lot of research into this in psychology and it has been proven to be effective in helping people to overcome their fears.

I won’t drown you in the theoretical part. It’s too vast for me to describe here. You can do some research on this topic if you want to know more.

However, I will give you the general idea what it is. It is basically a way of ‘numbing’ your brain to the emotion of fear.

The desensitization process doesn’t remove the fear; on the contrary THE FEAR IS STILL THERE.

However, it gets becomes so diminished and insignificant that you barely notice it!

In simple terms, you can say that this ‘destroys’ the fear in your life.


So how does this process of desensitization work?

You won’t like to hear it but the way it works is through REPEATED EXPOSURE to the stimuli (i.e. your fear).

Let that sink in.

Only with REPEATED EXPOSURE will you be able to get rid of your fear. You simply get into those scary situations OVER and OVER again…and THEN SOME MORE…until your brain gets ‘numbed’ to it.

When you do it enough number of times, your brain will be so saturated and overwhelmed by this stimuli that it stops reacting so hysterically. It will just go “Meh!” the next time you encounter it.

Now do you get why this WON’T work when you want to get rid of the fear of say, getting kidnapped or mugged? 😉


I’ll give you an example of this technique in real life and in context of my own experience.

Let’s say that you are severely scared of talking to new people. The very sight of a crowd gets you uneasy and you start sweating.

If you wish to ‘desensitize’ yourself to this fear, the only way you can do it is if you can force yourself to interact with new people, AS LONG AS IT TAKES to ‘numb’ your brain to this stimuli.

This might sound like a self-inflicted torture but I am not kidding. IT WORKS!

I had social anxiety before and I’ve even talked about that in my post about loneliness.

You know how I got rid of it?

I DESENSITIZED myself to the fear. That’s it!



So if you have a fear in life that you deal with on a regular basis, just forcibly expose yourself to it over and over again!

Do it so much that your brain gets overloaded and saturated with the stimuli…Ultimately becoming NUMB to it!

In other words,




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