Never Be Afraid To End A Friendship


Friendships are awesome to have in life.

And they remain that way as long as everyone benefits from it equally.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. They sometimes go from being mutually beneficial to downright parasitic.

This is when things get very messy.


If this ever happens, friendships become problematic for one or sometimes BOTH parties. They may even start taking a toll on one’s health, wealth, happiness and pretty much everything else.

During these times, it’s important to try and maintain the friendship.

But when all else fails, the only solution would be to simply put an end to the nightmare. And that’s when the problem begins…


Whenever friendships come to an end, it is normal to feel sad or depressed.

But that’s life.

Things change.

And you must change with it, unless you wish to get run over.

Unfortunately, most people seem to prefer getting run over rather than move on.



This happens due to a lot of reasons and excuses.

I’ll list out and clarify the most common ones for you:


1.) But we’ve been together for so long…

Yes, but there is a reason you’ve come to this stage. If everything was fine, you wouldn’t even be having these issues or thoughts of ending the friendship.

2.) What about the emotional pain?

The emotional pain is inevitable. But it will fade away after a while.

3.) What about the other person’s feelings?

I can understand the concern you may have for the other person. This is why I told you to first try and save the friendship, before you went about dismantling it.

4.) What if I become lonely?

You are joking right?

There are literally BILLIONS of people out there. It’s a joke to think that you’ll become lonely. Unless you are on a desert island, you have nothing to worry about.

In addition to this, understand that humans can only manage about 150 friendships at most. This is called Dunbar’s number. Beyond this limit, it becomes impossible to manage relationships with other people.

5.) What if they hate me?

So what if they hate you? You will be hated no matter what you do!

Besides, it’s either this or having your life ruined day after day.

Let them hate you. It won’t affect you in any way.

6.) What if I miss them?

You will miss them badly and that’s a given.

The way to deal with this is to get engrossed with your life. Keeping the mind busy will divert your attention away from this.

Furthermore, you will quickly get over the other person when you find a suitable replacement.

7.) What if I don’t find someone like them again?

Do you mean someone like the person who is ruining your life now?

Or someone like what your friend USED to be?

There are PLENTY of potential replacements out there, so don’t worry!



In all, there is really no reason to maintain stale friendships.

Be the CEO of your social life; RUTHLESSLY hire, promote, demote or fire people based on your needs and wants.

And most importantly, don’t forget…




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