For The Last Time … It’s Not Pollution!

Have you ever seen a nuclear power plant?
If you have noticed the towers of those plants, they are always emitting smoke day in and day out.

I have read this nonsense over and over again …
… that the smoke coming out of the towers is ‘pollution’ … I guess these people think ANY smoke is pollution.
Also, I don’t exclude myself in any way. There was a time when even I thought the smoke was ‘pollution’. But I wised up …

And it is time that you do as well, if you happen to be as ignorant as I was, or any of the other environmental ‘geniuses’ walking around these days …


So anyway, coming back to the issue of nuclear plants, the smoke you see coming out of the towers is NOT pollution. On the contrary, it is just steam (water vapour) and nothing more.

Let me repeat that.


You see, the way that a nuclear power plant works is by initiating a nuclear chain reaction in a controlled manner, which generates a great amount of heat. This heat in turn is used to boil water and produce steam. This steam in turn is then channeled into turbines, which leads to the generation of electricity. After the electricity is generated by the turbines, it is distributed across the region through the help of the energy grid.

Once the steam has been used for running the turbine, it is released into the atmosphere. This is what you see at the top of the nuclear power plant towers. In fact, the same towers can also be found in thermal power plants as well, where coal is burnt for boiling water.

So once again, it is WATER VAPOUR, NOT POLLUTION.

In fact, I think that there are people who think that the towers themselves are the nuclear reactors.
The reality is that those towers have nothing to do with the nuclear reactions going on at the plant. The actual chain reaction is happening in a completely different building, located in the same facility.

Lest I be mistaken, I don’t deny that nuclear power plants are entirely ‘pollution-free’. That is not what I’m implying at all …There are certainly dangers associated with nuclear power. These include everything from mining the fuel to radioactive waste from daily plant operations.
For example, the process of mining the nuclear fuel can potentially contaminate the surrounding environment and expose people to radiation.
Likewise, there also exists a possibility that the plant could malfunction and meltdown, as it happened in Chernobyl or Fukushima.

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Like I said, I don’t deny that there are dangers with running a nuclear power plant.

As with almost anything, there are both positives as well as negatives associated with having a nuclear power plant.


So the next time you look at a nuclear power plant and see the gas coming out of the towers, relax!


Have a nice day!

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