The Real Reason Why You Should Plan Your Days in Advance

“We must plan our days in advance.”


This advice has become has become so cliché, that almost everyone knows about it.

We are told over and over again, that we must plan everything in advance to maintain a high productivity levels.

As much as it might be true, there is another reason why this must be done, which we aren’t told about. I’ll explain to you the reason for this here …


There is no doubt that doing this allows you to maximize productivity.

At the same time however, many believe that this ruins everything, as it will ‘tie them up’ into a rigid schedule. They like to be ‘flexible’ in their approach and for this reason, prefer not to make any plans at all.

As much as is may seem valid, the reality is different; It is merely just an illusion. And the sooner you break free from this illusion, the sooner you can boost your productivity.

Read on and you will understand everything …


Have you ever paid attention to the way you actually do something?

You don’t sporadically jump into doing anything.

It isn’t an automatic process at all. On the contrary, every single action is founded on a decision to engage in that action.

To put it differently, you are actually planning out your actions before you actually initiate them. There is no such thing as an action INDEPENDENT from decision. There are unconscious behaviors but those are ‘decided’ by evolutionary and instinctive drives that are built into our very DNA.

What it all comes down to is that you are planning everything that you are going to do, whether you like it or not. Even the things that you aren’t directly aware about such as breathing or the pumping of the heart, are driven by ‘decisions’ hardwired in your genetic code.


If you were to just see this from a logical point of view, what you will realize is that you’ll be planning EVERYTHING that you do, without exceptions. About the only thing that will vary is the time when you make the plans; whether it be well in advance or at the last moment …

So if this is how everything works, why not just take advantage of it and do whatever works in your best interest?

After all, there is no such thing as action without planning. It is just not the way our mind works.


Now then, what is it that will work in your best interest?

Hmm, let’s take a look at the choices …

The first choice is to plan everything well in advance, be it the day before or shortly after you wake up. It is usually a great time for this, since you get the peace of mind and more importantly, free time to do what is necessary.

The second choice is to plan everything out at the last minute, when you have a great deal of stress to take rapid decisions under severe time constraints. This will usually result in hasty decisions, wrong decisions and a waste of precious resources.  In other words, you will end up making a big mess.

If you took a look at the choices you had, the answer is obvious. It is better if you took your decisions in advance rather than at the last moment. In other words, you are better off if you planned your days in advance.


In all, know that everything that you do is going to be planned before execution.

There is no such thing as execution without planning. About the only thing that exists is early planning or late planning and that’s it; and maybe something in between. Even last-minute execution of tasks are going to be done AFTER the decision to get them done.

In other words, you are planning out everything that you do in life, even if you aren’t consciously aware of your actions.


As a whole, given that this is how everything works, take advantage of it.

Why not plan everything out in advance, if you are going to plan it out eventually?

Why take sudden and stressful decisions at the last minute, when you can take well-thought out and stress free decisions in advance?



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