How does your house look?

Are you living in a dump?

Or is it sparkling clean?

In general, are you living in paradise or hell on earth?


I ask this because I’m fascinated by how many people live in filthy conditions.

You would probably be fascinated too, at least if you were bothered even a wee bit about cleanliness.


Before we start off, let me tell you about my own background.

As much as I love clean and hygienic surroundings, the reality was far different at times. My surroundings were at times not the sparkling environments that many idealize. On the contrary, you could say that it was hell on earth.

This isn’t to say that my whole life was spent in such a way; they were ‘phases’ of my life for the most part. It was a house that could be described as a borderline landfill; it’s probably difficult for me to put it in words, but that’s the truth. There were a lot of such phases in my life, with one particular phase being the most prominent.

How this came about happens to be a very long story. II’ll condense everything and highlight the most important details.


The time when the garbage shenanigans had started was about a decade ago.

Until then, the house was more or less clean and sanitary. The start of this new phase of our lives was marked by a period of financial and other personal problems.

Characterized by a lot of familiar issues, finance headaches and other leaks in the ship, cleanliness and sanitation had taken a backseat.

In certain cases, you could say that it had taken a turn for the worse, with some parts of my house resembling the show ‘Buried Alive’. Yes, EXACTLY like ‘Buried Alive’.

While I don’t have photos of the old house, (because who takes such photos anyway, right?), I have photos of some of the stuff that had been cleaned up later on … I’ll put them up soon for you to check out …


The results of this filthy insanity were numerous …

For one thing, we were constantly in a bad mood. While we didn’t exactly understand why, we did notice that we had become negative.

And then, there were the issue of the many amazing creatures that filth attracts; cockroaches, flies, rats and what not. Yes, we did have them in the house. While part of it was because of the locality we were in (it was a fairly old building, built over 30+ years ago), what probably attracted them to our house was the filth. I would like to believe this is so. After all, why would any creature go to a place where it cannot find sustenance?

In addition to this, there was a great deal of clutter in the house, in which everything was everywhere. This made even the most mundane of activities an irritation at times. For example, everyday things like clothing, stationery and even the remote were very difficult to find sometimes.

Another thing that must be added here are the health issues involved with living in a filthy house. There was a great deal of asthma in the family, prompting the use of inhalers every once in a while. The problem is actually genetic, with my own grandfather having it; but at the same time, I don’t think genetics alone are to be blamed. Genetics only give you a PREDISPOSITION to a condition; meaning that they can only get activated should the environment be suitable for it …

Coming to the issue of guests, we tried very hard to keep away visitors as much as possible, be it friends or family. It was just too embarrassing to invite them when your house was a dump. We were always the people who were ‘too busy’ and away from home to entertain any guest.

And so it went …

on and on and on …

for a very long time …


It wouldn’t be until several years later that we would finally start taking action to get rid of the filth.

While I can’t say that it’s all gone, much of it has. Whatever little remains is now stowed away in a few boxes that don’t get in the way of everyday life.

Also, they are the kind of stuff that which I (or my family members) don’t know whether to get rid off or keep. You can describe them as the ’emotional’ and ‘sentimental’ stuff that you accumulate overtime.

As a whole however, almost all of the insanity has been eliminated … and I can tell you that IT FEELS GREAT!


When we first started to get rid of the insanity, one thing I observed was a distinct ‘clearing’ of the mind. I became calmer and less anxious. There was also a certain peace of mind that is very hard to describe.

In fact, it has been shown that getting rid of stuff actually feels good. This is not to imply that you should give away all your earthly possessions and start vagabonding. On the contrary, it is about the way in which excess and unnecessary stuff creates distress and anxiety in your mind.

Simply put, there is no need for unnecessary clutter in life. The least and then some to maintain a HIGH standard of living, is more than enough.


Coming back to the issue of a clean house, how does your house look?

Is it a house or a home?

Are you proud of your living environment? Or do you wish that it was different?

Would you be willing to invite a stranger at a moment’s notice? Or would you prefer to simply drive them away?

Answer these questions honestly, because YOU are going to be the one who will live with the consequences; not me.


What you should take away from this, is that your house place of comfort, sanctuary, safety, refuge and everything else.

You spend much of your life in it, regardless of who you are. You’ll have to live in it day in and day out. It doesn’t matter if you’re the busiest globetrotter on earth. Your house will still be the base from which you globe-trot; once that airplane hits the ground, the first place that you’ll want to head to is your own home.

Long story short …


So it is only right that you start treating it that way.

Why would you allow your temple to turn into a landfill?

Why not make it a beautiful garden instead?

After all, you do want a home rather than just a house right?


In all, make it a point to keep your house as clean and tidy as possible.

Nobody expects you to maintain your house like a museum. But at the same time, there is no excuse to live like a filthy pig. Have some dignity and self-respect.

If you feel like you don’t want to ‘does it for others’ because you are ‘an individual’ or something to that effect, so be it! But at least do it for your own sake!

Just remember …

There is no reason to be living in a filthy dump, when you could be living in a beautiful garden.

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